Nic Donnelly

Postgraduate Student Award

Nic’s PhD was undertaken at UNSW in 2013, with the degree awarded in 2020. The research investigated two low-cost alternative data sources, not previously used for direct modelling of ground movement within a national datum: digital cadastral data for horizontal modelling and synthetic aperture radar data for vertical modelling. The success of these alternatives was demonstrated through their application to three deformation scenarios where high-resolution models are essential: earthquake-induced shallow ground movement, deep-seated earthquake movement in urban areas and ongoing subsidence due to geothermal activity. Overall, this research demonstrated that high-resolution modelling significantly enhances the usefulness of the national geodetic datum, without requiring expensive additional data collection. The judges felt the research was topical and relevant to current issues.

Wayne Patterson

Professional of the Year

Over a number of decades, Wayne has consistently dedicated himself to meaningful, informed and visionary leadership which has made many significant impacts to the Australian geospatial industry. His service to the industry has been grounded in various roles with NSW Spatial Services, where he is currently Director of Spatial Operations, his position supporting the ANZLIC Council, a Director of the SSSI Board and Chair of the SSSI Digital Twins Special Interest Group. Wayne’s role in the development of the NSW Digital Twin has made an invaluable impact on Australia’s economy, on the innovative ability of the Australian geospatial industry, and the collaboration capacity of industry, academia and government in NSW. Wayne has fostered intra-agency coordination and actively monitored priority actions and progress reports and taken responsibility for the delivery of projects though clear strategy and negotiation where required. The judges all agreed he is highly regarded and Importantly recognised outside of the spatial industry as well as within it.

Daniel Fowler

Undergraduate Student Award

Hundreds of patients visit the emergency department at Liverpool Hospital (LH) with various illnesses and injuries every day. Daniel’s undergraduate project with UNSW investigated the prevalence of admissions into LH using a patient’s residential address. Chest pain accounted for 8% of all admissions to LH in 2018 and was the main focus of his thesis as it may result in significant disease (e.g. heart attacks). Census data was used to adjust the number of patients in an area based on population density to highlight cluster locations of chest pain. Socio-economic data relating to income and education levels was also used. These methods determined the strength of the relationship between the number of patients and socio-economic status in an area. The judges commended his use of spatial epidemiological research, especially given the current worldwide context. They felt this helps drive home the importance of socio-economic factors in health outcomes and is increasingly important to help target health resources to ensure funding is spent in the best way.

Russell Commins

SSSI VET Student Award

Russell was nominated Surveying and Spatial Information Services TAFE student of the year in 2019. Some of Russell's career highlights include: · Refined and implemented a system of negotiation and approvals for effectively converting project planning to project action and outcomes for CORSnet-NSW · Applied heritage, planning and environmental legislation in order to undertake operations in areas of significance · Personally built and supervised the construction of CORSnet-NSW, the largest single owner GNSS reference station network in Australia and one of the largest in the world. Judges felt he is clearly committed to the surveying and spatial industry, and role-models this commitment to others.

Donny Darmawan

Young Professional of the Year

Donny is an exemplar young professional in the spatial industry, leading and inspiring not only in his role as lead of the NSW Spatial and Data Engineering team with spatial professionals for Arup, but also within the broader industry though SSSI Young Professionals and NSW Regional Committee. In 2020, Donny has been involved in many significant industry projects, including the Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport project, Kamay Ferry Wharves Design and Indonesia New Capital City Master Planning. He is valued not only for his technical proficiency, but also for the emphasis he places on actively developing his team and in building a positive, engaged and innovative culture. The judges commended Donny on the mentoring he provides to his colleagues and his dedication to SSSI campaigns and projects.