ICSM Geodesy Working Group

Award for Technical Excellence

Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping Geodesy Working Group has spent over 10 years upgrading elements of the Australian Geospatial Reference System, including DynAdjust, Commonwealth Law Changes, Terrestrial Reference Frames, and Australia’s new static datum. This was achieved through a multi-faceted approach of planning, technical development, independent assessments, and updates to regulations. These upgrades are an outstanding example of how members of state, territory and Commonwealth governments have collaborated to resolve a challenging problem and deliver an authoritative foundation for improved decision making

Veris & Seqwater

Award for Technical Excellence

The Mt Crosby digital twin showcases a multi-skilled approach from surveyors, engineers and laser scanning specialists within the context of a broader project. The project utilised multiple capture technologies to overcome a number of physical limitations including tight underground spaces and poor air quality, seamlessly integrated with drone surveys and sub-surface radar to capture a comprehensive digital twin of the Mt Crosby Pumping Station; an important utility for Brisbane’s potable water that required significant refurbishment following the 2011 floods. The twin has since seen widespread use through renovation, safety training, community engagement, and was pivotal in monitoring the site throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Townsville City Council

Award for People & Community

Townsville Dashboards is a digital platform providing insights into the local community and council with access to current data on service delivery and performance. This includes access to over 50 open datasets through open data portals, including a number of spatial datasets such as aerial photography and LiDAR datasets, water, wastewater and stormwater networks, planning scheme zoning. These spatial datasets represent critical information for local engineers, surveyors and town planners and publishing these datasets as open data improves access in a more timely manner. The judges praised the project as an excellent example of local government being proactive, open and learning the strengths of other organisations and individuals to contribute towards the aims of the Council on behalf of the community.

Brisbane Airport Corporation & Land Solution Australia

Award for Spatial Enablement

The BAC Digital Twin project has provided the foundation that will spatially enable one of Australia’s busiest transport hubs to become a world-class asset and allow alignment with industry best practice. The project enables data-based decision and paves the way to transform the way the business operates, using state of the art planning and visualisation with actual 3D spatial data to inform everything from terminal planning, service and maintenance, enhanced border security, emergency response and building and tenancy management. Judges praised not only the intense scale and variability of the project, but the high-quality visual representation it allows.

Outline Global

Award for Innovation & Commercialisation

Outline Global has developed a world-first custom designed image capture system and custom coded AI model capable of detecting Red Imported Fire Ant nests over a large geographical area, saving time, money and resources. The process used an array of innovative technologies including detailed aerial surveillance, customised AI algorithms, and in-field hyper spectral sensors. Judges praised the application of spatial and digital technologies to address significant biosecurity issues. With a successful pilot project completed in 2020, plans are underway for a full capacity project for the winter 2021 surveillance season and beyond.

Michael Topp

Young Professional of the Year

Michael actively demonstrates excellence in leadership capabilities and is a bright and budding young professional. He invests heavily into the development of his peers at Veris through internal mentoring, training and development programs, playing an active role in the development of his colleagues and the business. Alongside this, Michael displays strong professional performance technically across a range of significant projects in SEQ. Michael is the Principal Surveyor on multiple projects where he utilises his depth of experience to guide each project through construction to final delivery. Michael leads the projects through strong communications with colleagues, allied professionals and clients to achieve the required outcomes. The judges all agreed he is a fantastic role model and were pleased to see his commitment to engagement with universities and other young surveyors.

Alistair Byrom

Professional of the Year

Alistair Byrom, Principal Surveyor at Veris in Brisbane, is held in the highest esteem by his peers. For over 20 years he has served on committees for ISAQ, SSI, SSSI and SIBA|GITA and in this time has supported the ongoing growth and development of the surveying profession and the spatial industry. Alistair has proven to be a vital source of knowledge for graduates and applicants seeking registration with the Surveyors Board of Queensland. He has been a constant contributor to events on a variety of topics. Alistair’s affinity with land law, as it relates to surveying, has lead him into one of his core skills, being forensic consulting. He has prepared numerous Expert Reports for the Supreme Court, Land Court and the Planning & Environment Court which demonstrate achievement and performance considered beyond the normal for consulting surveyors. The judges said his consistent contributions to the industry through his advocacy, presentations, senior representative roles and particular his efforts to unify the profession’s voice make him very worthy of recognition.

Spatial Vision & DPIE

Award for Environment & Sustainability

Spatial Vision was engaged to assist the Department with harnessing remote sensing, geospatial data and technologies to gather indicators for water compliance monitoring. The resulting analysis formed the basis of a strategic two-year roadmap outlining unique initiatives, deliverables, risks and mitigation actions to assist the department in meeting future business requirements, including stronger evidence-based water management policies, and practices for appropriate compliance.


Award for Innovation & Commercialisation

Combining drone technology, computer systems and ground penetrating radar to identify underground water leaks, Cardno’s Aerial Thermal Leak Detection took a holistic approach to collecting, rendering, and distributing data. The system is allowing utility companies to safely identify and repair leaks in extensive water networks, and the many safety and efficiency benefits inherent to the system have been widely recognised.

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Crown Lands Survey Team

Award for Spatial Enablement

The Crown Lands Survey Team undertook the unique task of surveying the Jervis Bay headland using an array of sensing methods. The Aboriginal Land Claim 3286 covers 172 hectares, including detailed surveying of dangerous natural barriers such as cliff faces, tidal shorelines, and heavily vegetated remote landscape. The unique challenges overcome in the cadastral surveying provide fascinating insights into the application of new technologies with traditional methods, alongside the respect and acknowledgement of the Jerrinja LALC.

UNSW & Geoplex

Award for Technical Excellence

The Gold Coast Beach Monitoring and Management System is an integrated, multi-dimensional platform developed for the management of coastal areas. The unconventional system actualised by UNSW and Geoplex provides camera surveillance and continuous geospatial mapping of over 30km on beaches in real time, delivering multi-faceted and detailed data measuring beach health, visitors, weather response, and many other trends. The benefits provided set a global standard for one of the largest national tourist attractions, and judges praised the seamless integration of data-driven management systems.

Craig Roberts

Educational Development Award

Dr Roberts is a dedicated Senior Lecturer in Surveying/ GPS/ Geodesy at the University of New South Wales. Throughout his career, Craig has been involved in marketing his profession externally and advocating internally to maintain the quality of surveying and geospatial teaching. Craig reaches out to his profession at a state level through engagement with various state based, national and international bodies and is frequently asked to present at industry meetings about all manner of topics related to technical issues, education or wider engagement with allied professionals. Judges felt Craig demonstrates a sustained and ongoing commitment to tertiary surveying and spatial education and was very worthy winner of this award.