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Regular monitoring of land cover issues by ANN analysis of large satellite series

Every aspect of our lives is tied into the vegetation and ground cover that surround us. For example, farms feed us, forests provide us with oxygen, rivers and lakes yield fresh water to drink. When land covers change, our economy and environment are directly affected. Scientists have been mapping these changes in the landscape but datasets are either incomplete or out-of-date. The most efficient way to regularly map land cover is from space. By using such imaging satellites as Landsat 8, and Sentinel 2, we have the ability to observe large tracts of the Earth's surface in a fraction of the time. Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), the problem can be solved much faster and be completely automated, which will greatly help us understand the earth in order to better preserve it. The ANN algorithms are inserted within the interoperable Qëhnelö ™ technology to make them operable online by the population.

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Fiji Bureau of Statistics

Compilation of the Fiji 2017 Census Household Dataset

The Fiji 2017 Census allowed for the first mobile tablet assisted survey on a national level with the collection of individual household locations. The capturing of household information has provided a wealth of information that previously no census or survey had ever been able to represent geospatially.

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Pacific Flying Labs

Technology and Tradition

Tradition and Technology project empowering traditional communities for environmental awareness in Pacific Island Countries

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Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Management in Pacific Island Countries

The MACBIO Project supports sustainable economies and livelihoods of Pacific Island Countries by strengthening institutional and individual capacity to manage and conserve biodiversity in marine and coastal ecosystems.

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Outpacing the Field in Reality Capture

The Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix is one of the few temporary sporting tracks in the world which requires full construction each year. This transformation is the largest temporary overlay for any annual sporting event in the world and requires myriad companies behind the scenes to build a world-class race track from the ground up. Taylors' innovative use of cutting edge technology in 3D Reality Capture, Processing and Modelling is providing the foundation mapping that is crucial to delivering Australia’s premier racing event.

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Jacobs & South East Water

Third Party Consequence Model for Water Main Failure

Community expectations of continuity of service and direct costs from liability due to water main failures are key drivers for innovation in asset management for utilities. In this regard South East Water is actively moving from a reactive to proactive management of their assets. This shift involves considering asset management from a risk perspective. SEW and Jacobs collaborated on a project to estimate the extent and cost of to third party property damage resulting from water main failures.

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Spatial Vision and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

SHAP Hunting Area Dataset Development

The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan (SHAP) Hunting Area Dataset is the first comprehensive effort to prepare spatial datasets depicting areas where pest animals and game animal species can be hunted in Victoria.

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Explore North East Link

GHD has delivered an award-winning interactive map for the North East Link Authority, providing the community with a simple tool to understand the key details and benefits of Victoria's biggest ever transport project.

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Open Spatial Australia & GISSA

Regional Collaboration between Wannon Water & Warrnambool City Council - As Constructed Submittal Process

SW Victoria first in Australia to initiate on-line regional collaboration between Council, Water Authority and their Service Providers for submitting as constructed drawings .

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Tonkin Consulting

NAIS: Spatially Supporting Major Projects from Idea to Construction

The Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) is an initiative developed under the Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) led Northern Adelaide Plains Agribusiness Initiative. The purpose is to expand the beneficial use of recycled water through the augmentation of the Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant. The scheme involves, inter alia, salinity reduction, increasing winter water storage capacity and developing a new distribution network for agricultural industries in the Northern Adelaide Plains.

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Tonkin Consulting

Upper Yorke IV - Independent Verification Collector

Tonkin Consulting have completed an independent verification of twenty-eight packages of road upgrades being undertaken buy Downer Construction for DPTI. The auditors were spatially enabled by the use of a mobile data capture tool to collect issues and observations on site, in real time. The internal project engineering team were able to observe data and issues (with photos) on the desktop as they were collected leading to a streamlined and systematic approach to independent verification.

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Department for Environment and Water SA

SA Land Cover

A new mapping capability measuring change in the landscape - SA Land Cover is a new dataset that models land cover throughout the state, including native vegetation, orchards, vineyards, forestry, and urban areas.

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