Julian Gill

Julian Gill

TAS Diversity and Inclusion Award

Julian is the Manager of Spatial Data and Products at Land Tasmania. Julian has lead the establishment of processes and administrative practices pursuant to the Tasmanian Government's Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy. He has proactively established relationships with Aboriginal organisations and individuals and fostered the formation of an Aboriginal Reference Group that is bringing names back to Country. His leadership and personal learning journey has contributed to a new era in place naming in Tasmania and he has earned the friendship and admiration of many people in the Aboriginal communities.

Poornima Sivanandam

TAS Postgraduate Student Award

Monitoring shifts in forest composition due to species-specific susceptibility to extreme events requires high-resolution tree species maps. Eucalyptus dominated forests occur in large areas on the Australian continent but there have been few studies on mapping tree species in native forests. In this project ultrahigh resolution UAS RGB and multispectral imagery were used to derive tree species maps at three spatial scales of analysis. These maps could help establish a baseline dataset on species distribution, and to monitor changes in forest composition. Tree detection and classification approaches demonstrated here have the potential to provide transferable solutions to tree species mapping.