NSW State Emergency Service

Award for Community Impact

NSW State Emergency Service in the last year has developed real-time apps and dashboards for all components of the NSW State Emergency service responsibilities of Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. During the NSW March Floods 2021 where over 30 river basins were in flood at once, the Geospatial Intelligence team provided these apps and dashboards to inform operational decisions affecting local communities, providing a better response from NSW State Emergency Service and our associated emergency management agencies.

Snowy Hydro

Award for Environment & Sustainability

On behalf of Snowy Hydro, Jacobs developed a detailed and accurate landslide susceptibility ‘heat’ map of the entire Snowy Mountains region. The map was developed using terrain, geology, soil, vegetation and rainfall data to produce a Landslide Susceptibility grid, which was then further classified to produce a Landslide Susceptibility Heat Map. The map was benchmarked against real-world conditions and historical landslip events to validate its accuracy before being used as a primary tool to analyse landslip risk (including risk to life and financial risk due to loss of access or damage) at each of Snowy Hydro assets throughout the scheme.

Valuer General NSW, Spatial Services NSW, CarbonLink, FrontierSI

Award for Spatial Enablement

The “Land Unit Classification System for Rural Valuation” project (LUCS) seeks to assist valuation of rural properties in NSW by providing a consistent framework for land descriptions and assessment. The NSW Valuer General identified a need to develop a more detailed spatial solution to account for the wide range of rural land use across NSW. The project takes into account additional attributes of land such as soil fertility, vegetation density and land use, resulting in an in-depth classification system reflecting the complex patterns of agricultural properties and practices encountered by valuers.

Geoplex, Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Councils (AFAC), NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

Award for Technical Excellence

Fire danger ratings are crucial for minimising the cost of bushfires and managing risk to life and property. The Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) Program is redesigning the forecasting of fire danger in Australia. Geoplex, in partnership with NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), were commissioned by Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Councils (AFAC) to lead the operational build of a national unified system to deliver accurate, timely, and consistent fire danger rating information. AFDRS was built in collaboration with emergency services agencies and Government to bring benefits to Australians for generations to come.

NSW Department of Customer Service

Innovation Award - Medium to Large Business

Cadastre NSW is a new approach to accessing and using digital land parcel and property information for surveyors and spatial information professionals. Providing fully digital survey plan information to customers working in government and industry, plus access to proposed cadastre for the first time. This cloud based technology platform manages landXML versions of registered survey plans and delivers them to customers via the LRS Broker Network; captures and supplies proposed subdivision and strata plan information to local government; and integrates with the ePlanning environment and NSW Spatial Digital Twin to enable access to 3D/4D cadastre throughout the property development lifecycle.

Roshni Sharma

Future Leader of the Year

Roshni brings a much-needed injection of passion to the Surveying and Spatial industry. A rare gem who sees beyond boundaries and sees an opportunity for the industry to grow as a whole unit, smashing through stereotypes and silos and doing it in the most respectful way. Her achievements as a leader and participant in various committees, groups, and leadership programs are bringing positive change not only to the surveying and spatial sciences but also wider STEMM groups.

Austen Pepper

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Austen is an empowering and inspirational leader in the broader spatial and surveying community an active participant in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in all facets of his life. He is paving the way for a generation of LGBTQI+ professionals both in his organisation and industry. He should be celebrated, acknowledged and supported as it takes tremendous grit and perseverance to change perceptions and bias’. Austen works with passion, understanding and respect to ensure his sphere of influence is gender-balanced, inclusive and diverse. He encourages his network to harness passion and enthusiasm to create a genuine, people-led environment of inclusion and equity.

Maurits van der Vlugt

Professional of the Year

Maurits van der Vlugt is a highly deserving Spatial Professional of the Year who has dedicated his 20-year career in Australia to furthering our industry. In the last 18 months, he was the driving force behind Locate’s successful COVID crisis response, pivoting to Locate Connect in 2020 and reinventing Locate for the future. He champions diversity as co-convener of the Space, Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network. Maurits has shown tireless commitment in a series of volunteer leadership roles, ranging from co-founding GeoRabble, mentoring young professionals, and serving on the boards of SIBA and chair of Locate Conferences Australia (LCA).

Oliver Lock

Postgraduate Student Award

Oliver recently submitted his PhD at UNSW in the City Analytics Lab and EPICentre. Over the past four years, Oliver has been pioneering the concept of participatory analytics within his research - an important field triangulating the findings from passive big urban data with those from citizen input. Over the course of his PhD, he has authored and co-authored no fewer than 18 publications including 3 of his own articles in top-tier, world leading geospatial and urban planning journals. Combined with teaching and consulting, Oliver has proved himself as an active, productive and positive leader in the spatial data in Australia.

Rick Carruthers

Undergraduate Student Award

I completed my dual degree in Surveying and Civil Engineering in 2020 at UNSW. My undergraduate research thesis, entitled “A Base for Better Boundaries”, looks at improving the spatial accuracy of the cadastre in NSW by utilising historical survey information. In my short career so far I have enjoyed being involved in the profession, and contributing to my university surveying society. I am currently working towards registration as a land surveyor in NSW.

Jason Hanckel

VET Student Award

Jason completed Diploma of Surveying studies via blended delivery. While studying Jason worked full time with WW Surveys on the Pacific highway upgrade where he was faced with tight deadlines, long work hours and for a period of time, heavy smoke from a raging bushfire. Despite such challenges, Jason's commitment was outstanding, submitting assignments on time and prepared to high standard in both presentation and content. Jason is an terrific role model to surveyors working in industry, with over twenty years' experience in the profession he managed to dedicate time and effort to gain his qualification.

Cassandra Gilgora

Geoscience Australia, FrontierSI, NGIS & COOi Studios

Award for International Partnership

Digital Earth Africa is a satellite Earth observation platform providing access to analysis-ready data across Africa. Geoscience Australia engaged FrontierSI and NGIS to run an Industry Engagement Program (IEP) and assist with developing training resources for the Capacity Development Program (CDP) of DE Africa. Both programs aim to enable Africans to use DE Africa to create opportunities for priority areas of the continent, from identifying water resources for greater access to clean water, through to regular mapping of food crops. Successful engagement, uptake of training materials and activation of industry, is promoting sustainable solutions and innovation across Africa