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Queensland winner wows audiences at World of Drones Congress

Atherton-based Mangoesmapping was a surprise hit at the recent World of Drones Congress (WOD) in Brisbane, with punters lining up to learn about the award-winning project using Phantom drones.

Managing Director Alistair Hart was hosted by the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA|GITA) to showcase his project on gully erosion mapping, which won the 2018 Award for Environment and Sustainability.

“The interest in these low-cost drones and their role in environmental monitoring was incredible” said Hart.

“Winning the Award for Environment and Sustainability has really allowed me to talk about the project, which is close to my heart, and of course it’s been great for business,” he said.

“It’s rewarding that others find the work and the outcomes interesting, and shows how much drone technology is changing the way we can manage some of these more challenging environmental issues.”

“When I started this project with South Endeavour Trust, I was really looking for a test case for these low-cost drones. I could see the mapping potential, but I wasn’t sure if the data quality would be up to scratch. Now, I’ve got a tool that opens up new markets and our little collaborative project has won a pretty significant award!”

SIBA|GITA CEO Deanna Hutchinson said the response to Mangoesmapping from WOD attendees highlights the importance of leveraging awards to showcase spatial industry capability.

“SIBA has a clear role to play in creating opportunities for award winners to demonstrate and talk about their spatial excellence, which has been recognised internationally by their peers.”

“The fact that Mangoesmapping was in attendance as an award winner opened up speaking opportunities in the conference program, and the project has impact,” she said.

World of Drones Congress is held annually in August.