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Projections for Spatial Tech in 2019

Spatial Industries Business Association CEO Deanna Hutchinson recently spoke to Infrastructure Magazine with projections for the growth of spatial industries in 2019 and onwards.


The change I am sensing is more a move toward layered, variable data in decision making that simultaneously considers social and environmental impact, demand, land information, finance and regulation, in context and in ways that have not traditionally been dynamically connected.” she stated.


Progression of the digital built environment/3D/digital twins agenda is a topic on everybody’s lips. There are several initiatives around Oceania focusing on answering the question “How do I get all my contributors, contractors and consultants to get their information together?


The full piece is available on the Infrastructure Magazine website and features comments on topics ranging from open data to the future of spatial and its role in infrastructure.


The APSEA awards seek to celebrate and promote projects that champion the future of the industry. Submissions are still open for the 2019 regional awards, and in-depth information on all previous winners can be viewed here.