Individual Awards

The Spatial Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and individuals and showcase the finest projects and most significant performance of professionals that the Surveying and Spatial Industry have to offer. Projects and individuals attaining recognition at this premier event are deemed to be truly outstanding achievers and pre-eminent in their field.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 APSEA Individual Awards.

Entry information


Industry Awards are open to any organisation — private, public, academic or not for profit — provided the evidence submitted relates to the two years* immediately prior to the making of the application and relates to spatial activities. Private organisations can include sole traders, partnerships and corporations.

Individual Awards are open to any professionals in the surveying and spatial science industries.

* Activities completed more than two years ago may still be eligible in some extenuating circumstances. In such cases, entrants should apply for eligibility on a case-by-case basis.


Entry for the awards is free for all industry and individual nominations.



The APSEA Judging Panel for the Industry Awards is comprised of industry peers, authorities, associates and advisors who provide expert, objective and independent opinions on the merits of the projects entered in any given year.

The Judging Panel’s decisions are final. No correspondence is exchanged once the decisions are made. Information about which projects have entered or won awards will not be issued or made public prior to the Awards Presentation.

The Judging Panel can also confer “Highly Commended” if they consider that projects merit recognition but fall outside the parameters of established or given award categories.
For every project entered, the Judges will presume that, as a mandatory minimum:

  • The workplace was safe
  • The client was satisfied with the outcome
  • The methodologies used were professionally and ethically sound

In addition to specific category criteria, the Judging Panel may additionally consider a project’s merit according to any other agreed or relevant benchmarks. Conversely, Judges may elect to not confer an award in any given category if they consider that none of the projects entered in that category warrant recognition for excellence.

Entrants should note that a project’s ‘size’ will not, of itself, necessarily improve or limit the likelihood of winning an award. Entries from smaller companies and related to smaller scale projects are encouraged to enter.

The Judging Panel for the SSSI Individual Awards is comprised of a number of esteemed members who represent all the Commissions and Special Interest Groups within SSSI.


All winners are announced and prizes presented at the official Awards Presentation at state level.

Project Nominators are NOT advised whether their project is a Finalist prior to the awards presentation. At least one representative for each project entered is required to attend the Awards Presentation.

Winners’ details are subsequently published in available and appropriate media.

Individual and project winners are eligible for the National APSEA Awards held annually with the exception of some specified state awards.


Each submission:

  • Must be made through the APSEA nominations portal.
  • Must address the criteria for the category entered
  • Must include at least one representative image (min 300dpi / jpg )


SSSI Professional of the Year (Regional & National)

A SSSI member who is working in any of the disciplines of the surveying and spatial sciences whose professional achievements are acknowledged by peer citation as exemplifying the highest standards of excellence and ethical conduct.

SSSI Young Professional of the Year (Regional & National)

This award recognises a young SSSI member who has made significant contributions in the field of Surveying and Spatial Science and acts as a role model for others in the industry.

SSSI Women’s Leadership Award (Regional & National)

This award recognises women who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the spatial industry and have shown potential to achieve and deliver benefits to the profession. In addition, this award may also recognise any member of the spatial industry who has contributed to the advancement and career development of women in the spatial industry in a way that has had a positive and long-term impact.

SSSI Educational Development Award (Regional & National)

This award is conferred on practicing teachers, facilitators or academics who have substantially contributed, through teaching, research, publication or professional activities. It acknowledges leadership not only in empowering students in the use of technologies, but also in supporting other teachers to acquire knowledge and/or promote excellence for practising academics in the fields of surveying and spatial science.

SSSI Postgraduate Student Award (Regional & National)

This award is conferred on a Postgraduate student who has undertaken a research project that contributes to the ongoing progression of the surveying and spatial profession.

Students eligible to enter this award include PhD and Masters Research students.

SSSI Undergraduate Student Award (Regional & National)

This award is conferred on a student who has undertaken a research project in the course of their studies that contributes to the ongoing progression of the surveying and spatial profession.

Students eligible to enter this award include final year undergraduates and graduates including Honours, Graduate Certificate/Diploma, Vocational and Educational Training (e.g. TAFE, Polytechnics) and Masters by coursework.

SSSI Special Achievement Award (Regional Only)

This award is conferred on persons who have substantially contributed to both the industry and their community, while overcoming obstacles or particular challenges. This award differs from that of Professional of the Year or Service to the Industry in that it aims to recognise the broad range of roles undertaken by many individuals, such as spouse/partner, parent, chauffeur, chef, financial manager, housekeeper, nurse, sports coach, as well as being involved in community-based activities, etc. It recognises that many individuals face obstacles or challenges, such as having a disability, or having to take career breaks to raise families and/or care for family members, etc. The ability of nominees in contributing to the industry while juggling their family and community-based activities is an aspect of this award. It essentially recognises need for balance between work and the rest of life.

This is a REGIONAL category only and winners of this award to do not progress to the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

SSSI Vocational Education Training (VET) Student Award

This award is conferred on a student* who has undertaken a spatial or surveying Vocational Education Training (VET) course and has contributed to the ongoing progression of the surveying and spatial profession. *Students eligible to enter this award include final year Certificate/Diploma, Vocational and Educational Training (e.g. TAFE, Polytechnics).

• Demonstrated academic achievement relevant to surveying and spatial information services: Description of technical prowess, commitment to learning, innovation and creativity applied throughout studies (150-250 words).

• Application of studies to career achievements in surveying and spatial information services: Description of how the nominee has successfully applied skills and knowledge from their training to a workplace or work placement; and any impact on the workplace (150-250 words).

• Demonstrated team and communication skills in spatial and surveying services: Consider any skills developed through training which have positively influenced others (150 -250 words).

• Demonstrated involvement and contribution to the surveying and spatial information services professions: Contribution the nominee has made to the surveying and spatial profession (e.g. SSSI committees) and/or involvement in industry or social groups related to the profession (e.g. Regional User Group) (150 -200 words).

• To be eligible, the nominee must have completed their course no longer than 12 months prior to nomination or will complete it in the calendar year of the nomination.

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